What's considered support and what's not?

1. General

Support is only provided for themes made by HammerTheme, purchased from any of the marketplaces HammerThemes officially sells themes on:

2. Support Hours

HammerTheme is located in Holland. Support is generally given from Tuesday – Friday, 9:00am tot 5:00pm Central European Time (CET). Occasionally support will be given during the weekend, but in general weekends and holidays are off limits.

3. Limitations

Support offered by HammerTheme is limited to themes created by HammerTheme. No support is offered for issues arising from using 3rd party plugins, issues occurring in versions of Internet Explorer older than IE8 and WordPress itself. Customizations requests are also off limits.

4. Bugs

Bugs will be fixed as soon as possible. Information about bug fixes can be found in the changelings. Updates are generally announced via the HammerTheme Twitter account @HammerTheme. Feel free to report a bug any time via the Contact page.

5. Support

Before you ask for support it’s recommended you read through the documentation that comes with your download package. Additionally you should browse through the Knowledge Base. This will save everyone a lot of time. Any questions that might remain can be asked through the form on the Contact page.

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