Meet Peek

A smooth responsive WordPress blog theme for story-tellers

Today i’m proud to announce the release of Peek. Peek is a smooth responsive WordPress blog theme for story tellers. If you’re in the market for a theme that looks beautiful and is easy to use: look no further.

A few highlights:

  • Beautiful full-screen parallax enhanced photography
  • Beautiful overlay navigation with 2 menu(s)
  • 2 different blog layouts
  • Endless scrolling with infinite scroll
  • Widgetized area in the footer with 3 columns
  • Customize with the WordPress native Customizer

Obviously theres much more.

Kraft 1.1.0

A big update with loads of new stuff

I just pushed an update to Kraft, updating it to version 1.1.0. The update includes the following:

  • Update: added Google Analytics tab to Customizer (easily add your GA tracking code/ID)
  • Update: added new Google Fonts
  • Update: added columns for portfolio galleries
  • Update: added lightbox images for portfolio galleries
  • Update: added a full-width template
  • Update: separated singular template into separate page and single templates
  • Update: replaced jPreloader with Pace
  • Fix: fixed various instances of unproper escaping

If you’re still running version 1.0.0, go ahead and update to enjoy all the new stuff.

Getting support

When, where and how to get support

You’re in need of support? No problem at all. That’s what the site is for! Before asking for support tough, i’d appreciate it if you do the following:

Support Policy

There is a thin line between support and customizations, the support policy page describes exactly what is considered support and what is not.

Knowlegde Base

The knowledge base contains a growing number of articles that’ll help you get on your way. Most articles are based on questions that were asked via e-mail. I’ll be adding more questions and awnsers a long the way. Don’t hesitate to ask your question if it’s not listed. Who knows you’ll be helping out other users as well!

Stop! HammerTheme

Stop! HammerTheme

Keeping WordPress themes clean, simple and easy-to-use

Welcome to HammerThemes. A little introduction is in place i guess. I’m not gonna share my life-story, don’t worry. I’ve composed a small (and short) FAQ that’ll get you up to speed on the who, what and why:

What is HammerTheme?

HammerThemes is the new home for all my themes, and (for now) it’s mostly about support and other support related stuff.

What does HammerTheme do?

HammerThemes creates awesome WordPress themes for users. No multi-purpose themes, only themes with a purpose that are easy to install and easy to use. Themes for both novice and expert users.

Check the theme collection and find a theme you like!

Check our theme collection